42nd International Conference on
High Energy Physics

July 18-24, 2024

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January 2024

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February 2024

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April 2024

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May 2024

Welcome Letter

It is a great honour to announce that the 42nd International Conference on High Energy Physics will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 18th to 24th July 2024.

Information exchange, communication and networking have always been vital for science. It was in 1950 in Rochester, U.S.A., when the first conference of this series took place. Throughout its 70-year history, it has become undoubtedly the most prominent gathering of particle physicists in the world, with more than a thousand participants from different countries around the globe. Even in the present boom of electronic communication, scientific face-to-face meetings keep their irreplaceable role, and it is namely this conference where key results and breakthroughs have always been announced, including the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012. The conference program covers recent results and hot particle and astroparticle physics topics. Sessions and talks on supporting technologies and industrial connections are scheduled in addition to physics results. In recent years, the topics have also included discussions of diversity, inclusion, outreach and the sociology of large scientific collaborations. The program consists of parallel and plenary sessions and two poster sessions. The organising Czech academic institutions, the International Advisory Committee and a conference agency C-IN will do their best to prepare an attractive scientific programme complemented by relaxing social events. They showed their ability to do it already in 2020 when ICHEP 2020 had to be moved online due to strict measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Zdeněk Doležal

Chair of ICHEP 2024

Tomáš Davídek

Chair of ICHEP 2024

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Organized by

Charles University

Czech Technical
University in Prague

Institute of Physics
Czech Academy of Sciences

Nuclear Physics Institute
Czech Academy of Sciences

Palacky University Olomouc

Technical University Liberec

University of Western Bohemia Pilsen

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics